Tugas Merancang Kelompok 32 2019

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Hydropowered Archimedes Turbine

Nama anggota proyek:

1. Thareq Wibisono


2. Andrew Defanto


3. M. Faiz Naufal


4. Aqiel Saiful Fatah


Introduction to “Micro Archimedes Hydropowered Turbine With Conical-Airfoiled Blades”

Electricity are currently problem for most of secluded place in Indonesia. Based on the article of CNN Indonesia [1] there are currently 5.2 million of Indonesian citizen who does not have any access to Electricity. This issues happened because of they are on secluded are. Furthermore, another issues are the price of electricity. In addition, the high price of electricity caused some of the citizen could not afford it. By the issues which are stated, our research team are withstanding a research on the electricity provider which is powered from renewable energy (hydropowered) and also easy to maintain. Our focus in general are to generate electricity for rice field area in order to give illumination on the area, generate pump and watering system and others. The aim of the device are to create a turbine which is compact in size, generate more power in low stream and less decline degree, and also easy to remove, clean and carry. The technology we also wanted to develop is the ability of the turbine to scan the water stream and flow in order to generate control into the angle of turbine blades. Furthermore, there are these are the development phase of the turbine:

Phase 1: Technology target:

  1. Material and Blades Design
  2. Low flow of water generate high power
  3. Control structure
  4. Water flow detection

Phase 2: Technology Target:

  1. Blades degree control
  2. Low decline angle generate high power

Phase 3: Technology Target:

  1. Foldable Turbine

Gantt Chart dan Word Breakdown Structure

Work Breakdown Structure

Work Breakdown Structure.png

Gantt Chart

Gantt Chart.png

Project Charter

Project Charter.png