Tugas 2 Statika Fluida

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1). A homogeneous, 4-ft-wide, 8-ft-long rectangular gate weighing 800 lb is held in place by a horizontal flexible cable as shown in Fig. P2.87. Water acts against the gate, which is hinged at point A. Friction in the hinge is negligible. Determine the tension in the cable.

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2). A rectangular gate 6 ft tall and 5 ft wide in the side of an open tank is held in place by the force F as indicated in Fig. P.2.88. The weight of the gate is negligible, and the hinge at O is frictionless. (a) Determine the water depth, h, if the resultant hydrostatic force of the water acts 2.5 ft above the bottom of the gate, i.e., it is collinear with the applied force F. (b) For the depth of part (a), determine the magnitude of the resultant hydrostatic force. (c) Determine the force that the hinge puts on the gate under the above conditions.

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3). Sebuah pelampung (buoy) berbentuk bola dengan diameter 2,5 m dijangkarkan pada dasar laut dengan seutas kabel. Ketika air laut pasang (berat jenis air laut = γ = 10,1 kN/m3), pelampung akan terendam setinggi 11 m sehingga kabel mengalami gaya tarik sebesar 15 kN. Gambarkan FBD dan hitunglah berat dari pelampung.

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