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Short Introduction

Hello, my name is muhammad rafli khansa from 2019 class of mechanical engineering. My interest is in sports, art, and music.

This page will be filled with class resume and education content from mr DAI class of Energy conversion system, feel free to leave a comment or share a disscussion topic in my page. Thank you

Will we ever use up all the world's supply of oil

in 14 february 2023 we talked about energy source and energy alternatives that could be used especially electric source,and this sparks the question of our oil is going to run out in the near future. but is it true or not?.

Class resume 24/02/2023

Todays class starts with an introduction tutorial with mr DAI assistant about open modelica in relation with IC engine. We were directed to access the thermosyspro 3.2 to create new model of an ic engine.

Unfortunately for today i didnt bring my laptop to class so i cannot follow along the tutorial in class. So i got pairedmp with regina to follow along for today lesson.

Some students went to class late today so from now on mr DAI will implement a score system for the students to keep track how active they are in the class

Complete tutorial video on CCIT

Tutorial :

1. Open thermosyspro library

2. Find multi fluids

3. Find machines tab

And it will generate a model in the software

4. Next add fuelsource.PQ founded in the combustion tab connected to the fuel inlet

5. next add Source.PQ as air source

6. Next add source.PQ from the waterstream tab

7. Next add “seek” for outlet

8. Next add singular pressure losses and pit it in between the source and the input (the same goes for the output)

Investigating the effect of fuel octane rating on engine performance

This is a probable mini project realted to internal combustion engine that mr DAI instructed for us.

The objective of this project is to investigate how octane rating of a fuel affects the performance of and internal combustion engine. To help this mini class project i will be using my own daily drive vehicle.

In this project i will observe how different type of octane rating affect the fuel consumption with the aid of tracking fuel/km sensor that is already available in the car. I would want to test how it actually affects the car performance also but i havent figure out how exactly im going to do this.

So these are the objective that come to mind :

1. Record Fuel consumption on different type of octane rating

2. Record the price based on the fuel consumption

3. Analyzing which octane rating gives the car better fuel economy

4. Find out how to record engine performance on different types of octane rating

Class resume 23/02/2023

in todays class we talk with Mr Adi talking about pyrolisis he made an example with burning a piece of paper with a lighter,

Pyrolisis : The process of turning an object from one phase to another, (Oxidation)

he explains about the differences between pyrolysis and IC engine. thee difference is ic engine use liquid fuel and pyrolysis uses solid fuel. He also mentioned that combustion happened when there is a reaction between. he asked about what actually happens when an object heats up, it actually happenning molecularly that the molecules vibrate enough to a certain point that the object it self heats up and cause a fire to be produced.

he talks also about frequency he mentioned frequency or vibration is the purest form of energy, same with our laptop screen can display different information is because the change of frequency. Mr DAI also added that nikola tesla once said "if you want to understand physics, think about energy, vibration, and frequency"

Sintha asked the class why there is not a program to burn plastic to turn them into BBM by pyrolysis in indonesia?

MR adi answers that the mind set of our people is not there, no developed yet to think that trash is really not completely use less. for exmaple plastics, plastic is a made from carbon and hydrogen when it heated up it change to a chain of carbons and turn into liquid. Sintha and kevin gives feedback on bow the majrity of the people in foriegn countries the locals already aware enough thta htey sorted the trash themselves in their homes to make the sorting process more streamlined and easier to process the trash

Class Resume 03/03/2023

Today in class pak DAI is absent due to his sickness and got subtitued with his assistant

we talk about conversion methods, 2 include bio chemcial route and thermochemical route. Pyrolisis is a combustion process that requires very little oxygen or none at all, pyrolysis required a drying process and a cutting process to help, pyrolysis happens in temperature between 380-530 Celcius pyrolysis doesn't need a catalyst to occur rather just need a constant source of heat pyrolysis is devided into 3 criteria:

1. Flash Pyrolysis (800-1000 Celcius)

2. Fast Pyrolysis (600-1000 celcius)

3. Slow Pyrolysis (300-700 Celcius)

these 3 criteria is based on its products

There are 3 products of pyrolysis: Bio char, Bio gas, and Bio Oil

Parameter of pyrolysis : 1. Pyrolysis Technology

2. Type of feedstock

3. feedstock size

4. Residence time

5. Heating Rate

Heating source can be obtained from multiple sources: Furnace, Steam, Heating tape, and Microwave. Where each of the heating modes varies in heating rate and heat transfer mechanism. Hence, The reactor needs to be design based on the purpose of the pyrolysis

Biochar is a type of charcoal that is produced from organic materials such as wood, agricultural waste, or other plant matter through a process called pyrolysis. Pyrolysis is a process in which organic materials are heated in the absence of oxygen, causing them to break down into a carbon-rich solid material, known as biochar, and a variety of other byproducts such as gases and liquids.

Biochar is typically used as a soil amendment to improve soil health and fertility. When added to soil, biochar can help to increase water retention, improve nutrient availability, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, biochar has been shown to have potential for use in a variety of other applications, such as water filtration, energy storage, and even as a building material.

Class Resume 07/03/2023

Todays class is taught by mr adi due to MR DAI is still not feeling well. we further talked about pyrolysis

these terms were explained by mr adi:

Desalination: Desalination is the process of removing salt and other minerals from seawater or brackish water to make it potable (drinkable) or usable for industrial purposes. This is done through a variety of methods, including reverse osmosis, distillation, and electrodialysis.

Bio-mass: Biomass refers to any organic matter that comes from plants or animals and can be used to generate energy. This can include wood, crop residues, animal waste, and even algae. Biomass is typically converted into fuel through processes like combustion, gasification, or anaerobic digestion.

Pyrolysis: Pyrolysis is a process that involves heating organic material in the absence of oxygen, which causes it to break down into smaller molecules. This can be used to convert biomass into biochar (a type of charcoal), bio-oil (a liquid fuel), and syngas (a mixture of carbon monoxide and hydrogen).

Drying: Drying refers to the process of removing moisture from a material, such as food or wood, in order to preserve it or make it easier to store and transport. This is typically done through evaporation, either through natural means (e.g. sunlight) or through the use of a dryer. Different materials require different drying methods, depending on their composition and intended use.

Graphene : is a single layer of carbon atoms that are arranged in a two-dimensional honeycomb lattice pattern. It is considered a "wonder material" because it has many unique properties, such as being the thinnest and strongest material known to date, as well as being an excellent conductor of heat and electricity.

He explains about biomass, biomass can produce charcoal and bio char

update project

there are not much to update on the project it self because me and other friends planned to meet up on sunday this weekend, how ever i have check and bought the plate that i will be using for my project on ecs 2 class and i tried re-building the IC engine on Open modelica



Project Report Link

The links provided are for my report on the class project of ecs 2

Project Report Link