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It's me again, Muhammad Ihsan Pasya[1] with an NPM of 2106730961.

First Week Resume

I had the chance to meet Mr. DAI during the class on May 26, 2023.

I learned about the various viewpoints of students and lecturers from Mr. DAI. In addition to religious science, there are several areas of science in our planet. It is not an issue to look for different viewpoints when learning.

Awareness is the first step in learning; consciousness is a prerequisite. We are taught to adhere to a doctrine, and a teaching that is unquestionably true. Even so, nothing can be said to be totally true.

The only truth is God. Additionally, Mr. DAI sparked a debate in class that forced pupils to think critically. One of the issues brought up was the fact that, despite the fact that science claims to be precise, it seems to be almost always refutable? In a way that is my own understanding.

Optimization of Hydrogen Storage

What to do? To make a hydrogen storage tank and optimize it.

When to do it? This week, until I finished designing and optimized it.

Why It's one of my assignments on the course of "Numerical Method."


Capacity: 1 liter

Pressure: 8 bar

Cost: Can't exceed Rp.500.000,00

The Calculations of The Hydrogen Storage

With the help of ChatGPT, I'm able to create a following scenario where:

Design and Shape: There are various shapes for hydrogen storage tubes, but for simplicity, let's consider a cylindrical shape. A cylinder offers a good balance between capacity and surface area, which affects the weight and cost of the tube.

Dimensions: To optimize the capacity, pressure, and cost, we need to determine the dimensions of the cylinder. Let's assume the following dimensions:

Diameter (D): 10 cm Height (H): 20 cm Volume Calculation: The volume of the cylinder can be calculated using the formula for the volume of a cylinder: V = πr²h, where r is the radius (half of the diameter) and h is the height.

Radius (r) = D/2 = 10 cm / 2 = 5 cm = 0.05 m Volume (V) = π(0.05 m)²(0.20 m) = 0.000314 m³ or 314 cm³ Capacity Requirement: The assigned capacity for the hydrogen storage tube is 1 liter, which is equivalent to 1000 cm³.

Pressure Consideration: The assigned pressure for the hydrogen storage tube is 8 bar. To ensure safety and reliability, we'll design the tube to handle a higher pressure. Let's consider a safety factor of 1.5, which means the tube should withstand a pressure of 12 bar. Note: It's crucial to consult with experts and follow applicable safety standards when designing high-pressure systems.

Material Selection: The choice of material for the tube will depend on factors such as cost, weight, and safety. Let's assume we'll use a strong and lightweight material like aluminum alloy.

Wall Thickness Calculation: The wall thickness of the tube is determined by the pressure it needs to withstand. To calculate the required wall thickness, we can use the formula for hoop stress: stress = pressure × radius / wall thickness. Rearranging the formula, we can solve for the wall thickness:

Wall Thickness (t) = pressure × radius / stress Assuming a stress value of 200 MPa (a typical value for aluminum alloys): Wall Thickness (t) = (12 bar × 0.05 m) / (200 × 10^6 Pa) = 0.00003 m or 0.03 mm

Cost Optimization: To optimize the cost, we need to consider the material cost and manufacturing processes. Aluminum alloys are commonly used for lightweight pressure vessels, but the exact cost will depend on factors such as the alloy type, manufacturing method, and market conditions. Let's assume the material cost for the tube is IDR 300k(more or less).

Final Evaluation: Based on the design and calculations, our hydrogen storage tube has a volume of 314 cm³, a wall thickness of 0.03 mm, and a material cost of IDR 300k. These values meet the assigned requirements of 1 liter capacity, 8 bar pressure, and a maximum cost of IDR 500k.

Last Optimization of the Hydrogen Storage

Coding the Optimization of the Hydrogen Storage

For this project I choose Python to calculate the desired/the best dimensions for the Storage. With my little background at coding and help with ChatGPT, I produced a code to calculate the best dimensions for my storage.

The Code:

Code Ian.png

With the code run in Python, I'm able to get the results of:

Hydrogen storage.png

With the price that I got from a company "PT. CITRA ANGGUN LESTARI" I can get a price of a 4mm thickness of a 304 grade steel with a price of Rp.416.000,00 (A set price for a set size of steel plate.)

Harga plat steel.png

With that, we can now calculate the adjustment of it's hoop stress with a code:

Hoop stress adjustment.png

With that code, we will get a result:

Hasil hoop stress adjustment.png


With the task of making a hydrogen storage, it sure is not easy. Without consciousness, I will not be able to do these assignments, thinking out of the box, imagining on how it looks like, visualizing the endgoal, etc. Thanks to the application of numerical methods, im able to do this assignment much more easily and more efficiently.

I do realize that this submission of my assignment is not perfect, not from a mile away, but it is MY work, with MY own consciousness, and with that I digress.

Thank you Mr. DAI for giving me this task, and with that... I'll take my leave.

Presentation Video

Watch the presentation video HERE!