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بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيْمِ

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Hello, I am Fathiya Syauqiyya, a second-year Mechanical Engineering student at the University of Indonesia. Currently, I am in class Metode Numerik-03 with Pak DAI as my lecturer.

Full name: Fathiya Syauqiyya; NPM: 2106655210

Design and Optimization of 1 Liter Pressurized Hydrogen (8 bar) Storage


There is growing concern about the environmental pollution caused by vehicular engines and the tendency to replace the dominant liquid hydrocarbon fuels with cleaner alternative energy sources. Hydrogen is a promising alternative to liquid hydrocarbon fuels. It has many advantages when injected directly into the cylinder of an internal combustion engine. However, when using compressed hydrogen gas for automotive applications, large and heavy tanks are required and when used in liquid form, expensive insulating materials and cryogenic pumps are required to create the high pressure. A prototype composite vessel has been developed to supply hydrogen gas at high pressure required for direct injection without compressing gas or using any cryogenic pumps. This vessel, called the thermocontrolled tank has been simulated and then tested to determine the rate of pressure and temperature rise in the tank. The test results indicated that the liquid hydrogen can be brought from atmospheric pressure to the high pressure in a reasonable time period. The composite vessel design has been optimized for use in vehicles. The design problem was formulated as a multi-objective optimization case because of the presence of different conflicting objectives. Weighting factors have been attached to the various objectives and then solved. Conclusions have been drawn from the tests, simulation and optimization results which would allow the most effective storage of hydrogen in thermocontrolled tanks on vehicles equipped with direct gas injection.


- Storage Tank Volume: Approx. 1 lt.

- Hydrogen Pressure: Compressed to a manometric pressure of 8 bar.

- Normal Operating Conditions: Designed for ambient temperature and humidity.

- Input and Output Ports: Has separate ports for filling and discharging hydrogen.

- Pressure Regulator: Equipped with a pressure regulator on the output port to adjust the pressure as needed.

- Maximum Budget: Maximum budget is IDR 500,000.


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