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My Face

NPM  : 1706027761

Program : S1 Teknik Mesin Paralel

My name is Anggito Zhafranny, anggitoz for short. I am studying Fluid Mechanics under direction by Dr. Ahmad Indra Siswantara and with AIR Group hereby serves as my study records, study cases note and anything whatsoever i found during my studies as follows:

  1. Viscous Flowin Pipes
  2. Flow Over Immersed Bodies
  3. Open Channel Flow
  4. Compressible Flow

[Updated 2 Sept 2019]

Now I learn Numerical Method under Dr. Ir. Engkos A. Kosasih and also once again under Dr. Ahmad Indra Siswantara.

Contribution List

  1. Fluid Mechanics
  2. Numerical Methods