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Nama: Christianus Gerry Wijaya NPM : 1706064334

I’m a student at Universitas Indonesia, with mechanical engineering as my major. I’m currently in my 8th semester. I have a big interest in motorsport especially aerodynamic.


I feel good today.

For me, justice is in its broadest sense, is the rule that individuals get what they deserve , with the understanding of what at that point comprises "meriting" being affected upon by various fields, with many varying perspectives and viewpoints, including the ideas of good accuracy dependent on morals, soundness, law, religion, value and reasonableness.

Why Study Fluid Mechanics

What is the need of studying liquids as a part of engineering? Fluids are as of now an indispensable piece of our everyday life. Designing permits us to investigate the capability of liquids for various new applications and different capacities. A portion of these include:

1) There are number of fluids that when burnt, produce lots of heat, which can be used for various applications. Instances of these liquids incorporates petroleum and diesel for vehicles.

2) There are a few fluids like oil that tend to apply high pressing factor or power. These fluids can be utilized for lifting different substantial burdens. The liquids utilized in pressure driven machines and water powered lifters are a model.

3) A few liquids have phenomenal stream properties which can be utilized for the oil of different machines.

To teach an elementary school student the concept of energy is pretty simple. So we should demonstrate a game in which the student should throw a ball as far as they can. The distance show the amount of energy that being put into the ball. So that, if some student could throw the ball longer than his friend, thus he put a greater energy.


Gambar.png Thermal efficiency or both gas turbine power cycles and vapor power cycles are typically less than 40 percent. A joined force cycle utilizes the waste warmth of one cycle to warm a subsequent cycle. One significant joined cycle includes a gas turbine finishing off cycle with a steam-turbine cycle.


Daily task: Learn how to operate Openmodelica (OMedit)

Thermal power plant.png

So I intend to use Thermal Power Plant for my model.


This is the model that I made from Openmodelica. I still don't understand about how to input the parameter that needed to run the whole process.



a gas turbine is a type of internal combustion engine and operates using the cycle of intake, compression, combustion (expansion) and exhaust. One major difference, however, is that the basic movement. A gas turbine is rotary movement, in contrast to the back-and-forth movement of a reciprocating engine.

The basic principle of a gas turbine is as shown in the diagram below. First, air is compressed by a compressor, and this compressed air is guided into the combustor. Here, fuel is continuously combusted to produce gas at high temperature and pressure. What a gas turbine for industry does is the gas produced in the combustor is expanded in the turbine (a vaned rotor made by attaching multiple blades to a round disk), and as the result, the rotational energy, which operates the compressor at the previous stage, is produced. The remaining energy is delivered with an output shaft.

Gas turbine have 4 features

1. The engine is rotary, so there’s no need to change reciprocating motion into rotational motion 2. Gas turbine makes it so easy to achieve high output because large amount of working fluid that being processed 3. Each step is controlled by specific and specialized component. Combustion by combustor, compression by compressor, and expansion by turbine. 4. Gas turbine perform combustion by having fuel that being ignited continuously until the supply is running out and the combustion will stop.


Today I try to simulate a simple system using a simple furnace or gas burner system as the inputs and a sink as the output. Then I put some parameter. Ecs2.png

and the result is shown below. However i still not understand about the graph Ecs1.png