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Personal Data

Name: Arsalan Ghifari Kandung Sonda

NPM: 1806187871

Birth Place/Date: Jakarta, 04 August 2000

I am a student of the Faculty of Engineering, University of Indonesia, Mechanical Engineering International Program, batch 2018. I am currently in semester 6 of my lecture. I entered into a mechanical engineering student because from my childhood I was already happy with various automobiles, such as cars, boats and airplanes. That's why I want to understand about machines.

23 February 2021

Today I feel good, but I entered class late due to urgent matters and my connection is a little bad.

In my opinion, justice for all people is different, cannot be equated. But we can try to make each class of society fair by dividing each class of society and we can find out what justice means for everyone. from there, we can make society feel fair.

Energy is a work that can be done by a certain force. How to teach energy to elementary school children. The real easy way is to tell him what energy from everyday life is like when he is playing ball or kicking the ball. In that case, the energy and force that occur appears. And also we can use F1 = F2, that is, the force exerted is the same as the force generated. That can be an analogy when we want to punch a wall. then our hands will hurt because the wall gives the same force as what we give.

24 February 2021

Combined Power Cycle.jpg

28 February 2021

At today meeting we provide opinions and discuss what Energy Conservation is. Then, we were also given a brief explanation of how to use OpenModelica.


Brayton Cycle is a thermodynamic cycle using constant pressure, heat addition and rejection. Fuel and a compressor are used to heat and increase the pressure of a gas; the gas expands and spins the blades of a turbine, which, when connected to a generator, generates electricity. The phenomenon of Brayton Cycle can be summarized into four 1-2 Isentropic compression (in a compressor) 2-3 Constant-pressure heat addition 3-4 Isentropic expansion (in a turbine) 4-1 Constant-pressure heat rejection

The Ideal Brayton Cycle - Isentropic Process where the ambient air is drawn into the compressor, where it is pressurized - Isobaric Process where the compressed air then runs through a combustion chamber, where fuel is burned, heating that air—a constant-pressure process, since the chamber is open to flow in and out.

Ideal Brayton.jpg

The P-v and T-s diagrams of an ideal Brayton cycle are shown on the left. In an ideal Brayton cycle, heat is added to the cycle at a constant pressure process (process 2-3).

   qin = h3 - h2 = cP(T3 - T2)

Heat is rejected at a constant pressure process (process 4 -1).

   qout = h4 - h1 = cP(T4 - T1)

3 March 2021

Today we discuss about the meaning of the system such as Entropy and Enthalpy. We also discuss about how to make a simple system in OpenModelica. Lastly, our friend Zakaria explained to us how to build the simple system.

9 March 2021

Today we study about how to make a simple system using OpenModelica together. What we use the design is Combustion chamber, sourcepq water steam, sourcepq flue gases, fuelsourcepq and sink.

Combustion chamber.jpg

After the design is done, we need to edit some parameters and then we simulate

Combustion chamber plot.jpg

Above is the grah after the simulate

10 March 2021

Today we practice about how to make a Test Compressor using OpenModelica. Because of the file cannot be open, our friend Thareq guide us to make the system. The system is consys of Flue gases sourcepq, Flue gasses compressor and Flue gases sinkP.